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Photoshop Blog – Cutting out Renders

Hello again,

This blog post is about cutting out people, cars or any other objects you want cut out of pictures to use in your graphic images.  I do a lot of sports graphics so cutting out the athletes is a daily process for me.  When I first started cutting out the players I would use a layer mask and just “erase” away the background.  I didn’t know any other techniques and doing it that way was very time consuming.  Since I didn’t know any other way that was it for me.  I thought I was doing a great job.  Only to realize later that there is a much simpler, and when I say “much” I mean it liberally, way of cutting things out.

The best way to cut certain things out of pictures is to use the pen tool.  What you want to do is zoom in on the photograph to 200-300%.  The further you zoom in the better your cut will be.  Now one thing to remember with Photoshop is that is a pixel based program.  So there really isn’t such thing as round edges in Photoshop.  Since pixels are square when you zoom in you will see that the edges of the object aren’t really rounded.   Read the rest of this entry