Christopher DeGraw a.k.a. LeftCoast Skinz FAN
Graphic Artist 

First, let me thank you for visiting my site and seeing what I can offer you or your company.  I appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit.  I am a Freelance Graphic Artist, originally from the east coast, now living in the Central Valley region of California.  You’ll notice a focus on sports on my site as I’ve enjoyed both playing and being a fan.  But, that is not the limit of my talent.  I’ve worked for television stations and retail suppliers, doing brochures, advertising and logo development.  Of course, I’ll be adding new material as my portfolio grows, so come back and see me again.

Building a business means satisfied customers, added one at a time. This is the age of “social media” and I was talking with another artist who suggested using Twitter as a networking tool.  I decided to give it a try and within a few weeks, it became a terrific marketing tool and is paying off for me.  So check out my Twitter page, linked above in the header, as well as my Facebook page.  It is a great way to say “hello.” When I graduated with honors with my graphic and webdesign degree, I knew I had found my passion and a career.  It’s a great experience to enjoy working, creating, building images to support the success of others.

And I’m sure you are asking yourself, “ok, so why are you known as LeftCoast Skinz FAN?”  That name comes from a website called Extremeskins.com (ES).  It is a forum for everything Washington Redskins.  I’m a huge fan of the Redskins and I enjoy creating sports art for myself and it is mostly of the Washington Redskins.  I have been working on these creations for about two and a half years.  Each time I create a piece of art I learn more and express myself with the visual energy that keeps me pumped.  If you are a member of ES and like what you see, hit me up on ES, Twitter or Facebook and maybe I can create something just for you.  My screen name on ES is LeftCoast Skinz FAN.  I am very excited for the 2011 season.  Perhaps this will be the building year for success.


Here’s the Family: 

I am a third generation Washington Redskins fan.  My mother’s family grew up around DC and we’ve been fans for years and years.  My daughter, who is a toddler, is the fourth generation Redskins fan! She loves to “high five” and will watch a bit of a game with me. I think I have her on the right track.  No cowboys will be calling at my home.

Of course, there is the favorite family dog, who’s a gentle giant.  Meet Genius, a black Lab/Rottweiler with a bit of German Sheppard.  One hundred pounds of pure love.  His favorite past-time is sniffing the flowers and watching the bumble bees buzz around.  He’s turning a bit grey these days but he’s earned the quiet life by bringing joy to all who know him.

Drop me a note, send a comment, visit me on Twitter or Facebook.  Glad you visited and come again.


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