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Good day to you all,

My name is Christopher DeGraw and I will be posting helpful hints and cool things about Photoshop that you might not have known about otherwise.  Today is my first post for this.  Today I am going to talk about depth.  This is something I get asked about a lot.  “How do you create so much depth on your wallpapers?” Well, there are several techniques used to create/add depth in your image.  I use this mostly when dealing with my sports graphics but it can also work with other types of designs.

One way to help create/add depth to your image is to make multiple layers of the same image, for instance in my Roy Helu wallpaper on the homepage I made three layers of Helu.  After copying the layers I took the first copy and made it into a black & white image.  Now you can adjust the way the black & white image looks in the settings for making it black & white.  I then changed the blending mode of the black & white layer to softlight.  This way it darkens the shadows and brightens the highlights.  I also adjust the opacity of the layer, there is no set percentage that will look best you will have to mess around with it to find what looks best for your work.  Now, it might already look like there is more depth to it but I keep going from here.  Next on the 3rd layer of Helu I add some filters to bring the details to life.  On this layer I also adjust the opacity, again it will be up to you to find the right setting for you work.  Doing these steps can add depth to your art work.

I also take it a step further.  After doing the steps above I also add some gradient maps to the deisgn.  There are two I use most often, 1 is the Black & White graident and 2 is the Purple & Orange gradient.  I will use both and some times I use them multiple times throughout the design.  When you add the gradient maps be sure to change the blending mode.  With the Black & White gradient I prefer to use either “multiply” or “softlight.”  They work best for me, but again you can try any blending mode you want.  With the Purple & Orange gradient I only use “softlight.”  Once you have them added and the blending mode changed you will need to reduce the opacity of the gradient maps.  I usually go down to something in the area of 25% – 45%, it just depends on the work you are doing.

Now you can use the gradient maps without doing the steps in the first paragraph.  It all is up to you on how you use these steps.  I hope this is helpful to you.  Please leave a comment and let me know if these steps help you.

Thank you


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